B2B and eCommerce – a growth market with a future!

B2B and eCommerce – a growth market with a future!

The B2B market has been experiencing tremendous growth in the eCommerce sector. Take advantage of the unimagined benefits of B2B commerce.

headergrafik_b2b_ecommerceThanks to internet technology, the exchange of information and business transactions between companies has become so uncomplicated, it counteracts silo mentality. The end result is faster, seamless and transparent B2B processes that increase profits and decrease overall costs.

B2B transactions can be optimized by integrating several product information management systems (PIM), online catalogues, media asset management (MAM) together with enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), such as SAP.

To that end, dmc has a B2B solution package that expands the conventional relationship between supplier, manufacturer, dealer, service provider and end user by offering entirely new business models that maximize your success. With dmc’s customer-focused value-added chain concept, they offer ways to ease the implementation of complex B2B multi-channel solutions.

Let dmc help you set the cornerstone for the future success of your B2B solutions. Get into contact with us:

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As Germany's largest owner-operated eCommerce service provider, we develop innovative and creative technology for online shops and eBusiness platforms, with a commitment to "Better eCommerce". Applying a holistic approach that combines consulting, design, marketing and technology, we have been providing accomplished eBusiness solutions since 1995, with a flair for knowing what our customers need.