Better mCommerce

Better mCommerce

Mobilize your shop! – intuitive, stimulating and impulse-driven


Already one out of every three mobile Internet users buys online. And it is expected that within the current year, the European mCommerce market will outdistance the US American (ABI Research prognosis). The present and future impacts of mobile commerce on conventional trade are comparable to eCommerce impacts in the past.

Secure your business in mobile commerce. With this new service you not only bond your customer base and prevent them from going to the mobile competition, you also acquire brand new target groups. Benefit from our years of expertise; why not take full advantage of the networking potential in mCommerce for your business.

Mobile services from dmc

As an eCommerce pioneer, dmc offers full service in mobile commerce, too. We can develop an integrated mobile strategy for you that creates synergies and is perfectly embedded across all your usual channels. Alongside our strength in approaching an idea and realizing it, we offer bundled expertise in design, implementation and operation.

For instance, we can develop a mobile presence that is not only intuitive, stimulating and impulse-driven, but can sell!

Details about our implementation services

Real apps/mobile applications
Concept, design, implementation for iPhone /iPad /androids, operation, support and release management

Mobile-optimized web pages
Concept, design, implementation and operation

Connection to mobile marketplaces
Integration of your product portfolio into the mobile marketplace (for example: eBay, Amazon, etc.) through eBooster.

We provide you with better mobile commerce with our more than 19 years of experience – take advantage! Secure your position in the mobile marketplace, NOW.

As Germany's largest owner-operated eCommerce service provider, we develop innovative and creative technology for online shops and eBusiness platforms, with a commitment to "Better eCommerce". Applying a holistic approach that combines consulting, design, marketing and technology, we have been providing accomplished eBusiness solutions since 1995, with a flair for knowing what our customers need.